Biotechnology - Biomenthanation Processess


BIOSPOT offers biomethanation of waste to methane production and fertilizer with novel 12 reactor system under controlled
conditions ensuring constant production of methane gas for power production.


Waste to Energy (Biomethanation Processes)

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Key Benefits:

- Treatment of waste prior to feed to reactors

- Continuous reactor system (total 12 reactors)
- Controlled conversion with three different types of organisms

- Continuous supply of methane gas (>70% from last reator)

- Gas production 1.0M(3)/ Kg of organic decomposed

- Heating value better than 22MJ/Kg gas evolved

- Reactor discharge drying from waste heat

- Waste granulated for sale as fertilizer

- Complete remote control for the plant

- Plant parasitic load below 35%
(Mostly used in waste treatment prior reactor feed)

- Power generation parasitic load less than 12%