Biotechnology - Ethanol Treatments


The technology to produce ethanol from Ligno-cellulose has been
under investigation for more than three decades.

Percolation technology for ethanol production from wood chips has been
exploited during 2nd world war.

BIOSPOT can exploit these technologies through novel design of plant and combining with green power production

BIOSPOT offers the following technologies for ethanol:

- Ethanol (Fuel Grade) from molasses (Continuous plant)

- Ethanol and Power (combined) from cotton gin waste or some selected ligno-cellulosic wastes based on mixed acid hydrolysis (Tested on Pilot Plant)

- Ethanol from sugar/starch hydrolysate wastes

-Ethanol from cane juice directly (important for sugar growers)

-Dehydration of ethanol on molecular sieves (4 angstorm)

- Ethanol from starches or sugar beet (organize technology from france)