Biotechnology - Leachate Treatment


Ammonia and heavy metals liquid is released from "Landfill Sites" because of digestion and deaminationm of proteins in the waste.
The leachate smells because of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.


Technology for Leachate Treatment:

Removal of ammonia and nitrate from the "Leachate Generated"
in the existing landfill sites.

The technology offered has the following advantages over the
conventional open pond treatment:

- Based on immobilized selected organisms (nitrobacter and nitrosomonas)

- Loading of organisms 10-100 more than the ponds
- Conversion of ammonia to nitrate in the first reactor with low nitrites

- Possibility of usage of nitrate rich liquid for spray on the vegetation

- Conversion of nitrate and nitrite to nitrogen in the second reactor

- Treated water from second reactor can be released into
waterways without affecting aquaculture

- No smell and release of viruses to environment

- The system can take directly leachate up to 300ppm
Dilution of incoming leachate possible with treated discharge
(possible to handle up to 1500ppm ammonia concentration

- Low BOD & COD in the discharge

- The reactors can run faster than 1VVD

- State of the art control system- remote monitoring of the plant possible

- Sludge is reused or converted to fertilizer rich in nitrogen

-BIOSPOT maintains and service the plant on contract

- Cheaper to run than the disposal cost